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Sweet and Spicy Whiskey Cocktail

I didn’t take pictures but I didn’t want to forget this! Mix these things. To get ginger juice, I use a garlic press. For the pineapple juice I used a blender and filtered it with a coffee filter.



Start by prepping the ingredients. Here’s some of what I used. Bean choice is really up to you, this is what we had, so that’s what we used! Same goes for the chiles, here I used guajillo and ancho. It’s chili so just get everything into chunks. The size is really up to you. Dice the tomatoes small enough so they can be blended, and make the peppers bite sized.


Chinese Inspired Meat & Bone Soup

Winter is here! If the idea of a hot bowl of meatiness appeals to you this time of year, then I have some good news for you. I just made this recipe this afternoon, and I’m willing to put it out into the open because there was no way that lots of meat in a pot wouldn’t turn out pretty well. We start off by searing our meat in a pot with the sesame oil on medium high heat.